ME1306 PMSM Motor

ME1306 PMSM Motor
Item# ME1306

Product Description

The ME1306 is an Axial Air Gap, Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor. Rated to be run with battery pack voltage from 24 to 100 VDC. Maximum continuous current rating of 150 amps, peak of 450 amps for 2 minutes. It is an Open Frame, Fan Cooled Motor.

The motor has three hall cells set at 120 electrical degrees for the rotor position feedback. There is an internal Temperature Sensor in the motor windings. Motor weight of 36 pounds.

Note: This motor is a drop-in replacement for the obsolete ME0913 motor. The ME1306 has a larger bi-directional cooling fan and an aluminum fan cover as compared to the original ME0913 motor.