ME1304 PMAC Water Cooled

ME1304 PMAC Water Cooled
Item# ME1304

Product Description

The ME1304 is a water cooled, totally enclosed motor. Designed for 24 to 96 volt battery operated systems. It is an Axial Air Gap, Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor. Weight of 36 pounds. There is a Sine/Cosine rotor position sensor, and a KTY84-130 Temperature Sensor in the motor windings.

Designed for 180 amps continuous, 450 amps for 2 minutes. Maximum rotor speed of 5000 rpm. Recommended 6 liters per minute water cooling. Can also be used as an Air Cooled, Totally Enclosed motor without water cooling, but de-rated to 125 amps continuous.

Rating of 14.5 kw continuous with a 96 VDC battery pack voltage.