ME1304 PMAC Water Cooled

ME1304 PMAC Water Cooled
Item# ME1304

Product Description

The ME1304 is a water cooled, totally enclosed IP65 motor. Designed for 24 to 96 volt battery operated systems. It is an Axial Air Gap, Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor. Weight of 36 pounds. There is a Sine/Cosine rotor position sensor, and a KTY84-130 Temperature Sensor in the motor windings.

Designed for 180 amps continuous, 450 amps for 2 minutes. Maximum rotor speed of 5000 rpm. Recommended 6 liters per minute water cooling. Can also be used as an Air Cooled, Totally Enclosed motor without water cooling, but de-rated to 125 amps continuous.

Rating of 14.5 kw continuous with a 96 VDC battery pack voltage.