Fixed Cone Nozzle
ME0708 Brush-Type DC Motor
ME0709 Brush-Type DC Motor
ME0903 Case of 10
ME0903 Pelton Water Wheel
ME0909 Brush-Type DC Motor
ME0913 PMAC Motor
ME1003 Brush-Type DC Motor
ME1004 Brush-Type DC Motor
ME1007 Brush-Type DC Motor
ME1008 Brush-Type DC Motor
ME1016 PM Generator
ME1112 PM Generator
ME1202 PMAC Transaxle Mount
ME1302 PMAC Water Cooled Motor
ME1304 PMAC Water Cooled
ME1305 PMAC Motor
ME1306 PMSM Motor
ME1511 Hydro Generator
ME1513 Brush-Type DC Motor
ME1514 Brush-Type DC Motor
ME1603 PM Generator
ME1616 PMAC Water Cooled
ME1716 PMSM Motor
ME1717 PMSM Motor
ME1718 PMSM Motor
ME1719 PMSM Motor
ME1803 PMSM Water Cooled
ME1905 PMAC Motor
ME2006 Hydro Kit
ME2009 PMSM Motor
ME2104 Spear Valve Nozzle
Micro Hydro Generator Kit 12 to 24 VAC 1-2 KW Continuous
Micro Hydro Generator Kit 120 - 240 VAC, 2 kw to 4 kw Output
Micro Hydro Generator Kit 24 - 48 VAC 1.2 to 2.5 KW
Motenergy Axial Air GAP PMSM Motors
Motenergy Brush-Type 56-Frame DC Motors 1/4 to 3 HP
Motenergy Brush-Type PMDC Motors 3-20 HP
Motenergy Hydro Power Products
Motenergy Motor Dealers
Radial Air Gap PMSM Motors - Surface Magnets
Radial Gap PMSM Motors - IPM Rotor
Surplus and Special Purchase
Turgo Wheel
ZYT42-01 56 FRAME 90VDC 1/4HP 1750RPM TEFC
ZYT42-02 56 FRAME 180VDC 1/4HP 1750RPM TEFC
ZYT42-03 56 FRAME 90VDC 1/3HP 1750RPM TEFC
ZYT42-04 56 FRAME 180VDC 1/3HP 1750RPM TEFC
ZYT42-05 56 FRAME 90VDC 1/2HP 1750RPM TEFC
ZYT42-06 56 FRAME 180VDC 1/2HP 1750RPM TEFC
ZYT42-07 56 FRAME 90VDC 3/4HP 1750RPM TEFC
ZYT42-08 56 FRAME 180VDC 3/4HP 1750RPM TEFC
ZYT48-01 56 FRAME 12VDC 1/4HP 1800RPM TEFC
ZYT48-02 56 FRAME 12VDC 1/3HP 1800RPM TEFC
ZYT48-03 56 FRAME 24VDC 1/3HP 1800RPM TEFC
ZYT48-04 56 FRAME 12VDC 1/2HP 1800RPM TEFC
ZYT48-05 56 FRAME 24VDC 1/2HP 1800RPM TEFC
ZYT48-06 56 FRAME 48VDC 1.5HP 1800RPM TEFC
ZYT48-07 56 FRAME 12 VDC 3/4HP 1800RPM TEFC
ZYT48-08 56 FRAME 24 VDC 3/4HP 1800RPM TEFC
ZYT48-09 56 FRAME 12VDC 1HP 1800RPM TEFC
ZYT48-10 56 FRAME 24VDC 1HP 1800RPM TEFC
ZYT48-19 56 FRAME 90VDC 1HP 1750RPM TEFC
ZYT48-20 56 FRAME 180VDC 1HP 1750RPM TEFC
ZYT48-21 56 FRAME 180VDC 1.5HP 1750RPM TEFC
ZYT48-22 56 FRAME 180VDC 1.5HP 1750RPM TEFC